Nanchan Temple 南禅寺

Built during the Nan Dynasty when Emperor Liang ruled the country (464-549), Nanchan Temple was originally called Huguo Temple. Though the name has been changed several times, most people like to call it Nanchan Temple because of it is located at the South Gate of the city.

An ancient pagoda in the temple is 47.4 yards tall and has 7 stories. For entrance fee of 10 Yuan one can climb up the pagoda for a good view of Wuxi. On sunny days the shadow of the pagoda reaches a bridge miles away from the temple and is called Pagoda Shadow Bridge(塔影桥).There are stories about the pagoda and the temple, which add mystery Nanchan Temple.

In 1980’s, the area around the temple became a cultural and commercial center. In modern-day Wuxi, Nanchan Temple Area has become a popular place to visit for shopping. Miaoguang Street(妙光街) is the most famous area.

  • ADDRESS –  NO 32,Xiangyang Road, Nanchang District, Wuxi 无锡南长区向阳路32号
  • TELEPHONE –  0510-82825051