By train

Wuxi has three train stations: Wuxi Railway Station, Wuxi East and Huishan. From Shanghai and Nanjing, one can take the G-train series to Wuxi. The journey will be about 45 minutes (approx ¥60 second-class, ¥100 first-class, ¥180 business class (Jul 2016)). Depending on departure city, G-trains can be boarded from either Shanghai Railway Station or Shanghai Hongqiao or Nanjing South Railway Station.

Otherwise from Shanghai, one can take the D-train which takes about 50 minutes (¥38.5 second-class, ¥46.5 first-class (Jul 2016)). K- and Z-trains also run from Shanghai to Wuxi (approx 90 min to 2 hours, ¥20 hard seat, ¥75 hard sleeper and ¥120 soft sleeper).

By plane

Sunan Shoufang International Airport rests in southeast Wuxi, about 12 km (7 mi) from city center. In the future, the airport will serviced by Wuxi Metro and serve as the terminus station of Line 3.

If you get off from Nanjing Lukou Airport, you can take intercity bus or taxi. If you don’t know where you can take, you can download the map of airport.

By subway

Wuxi Metro operates Lines 1 and 2 and connect at Sanyang Plaza. Wuxi Railway Station has a stop on Line 1 while Wuxi East Railway Station is served by Line 2. Future plans call for an additional three lines, including a terminus on Line 3 at Huishan Railway Station. All Metro signage and automatic ticket booths are available in English and each station is complete with neighborhood maps and diagrams in both Chinese and English. Distance-based fare from ¥2.

By taxi

Base fare for taxis starts at ¥10 during the daytime